I'm Maxim Sharov, an artist and designer from Russia,  have been working in my own workshop in Moscow for over twenty years.

I experiment with different types of influence on the object and on the material, the results of which are demonstrated in the accessories I create.


My bags and backpacks look like those that have seen their way and that have known time, as if stretched out in the process of wearing, which in fact they have just yet to.


I prefer to use leather that has not undergone the finishing treatment, sometimes with defects that have arisen during the animal's life, and its uniqueness does not allow doing things in large editions.

The collection of leather accessories is based on bags.

Large enough and practical for everyday life in a big city, reliable and durable.

Simple shapes. Bags, laundry bags, tablet bags, briefcases, a ball bag, a clutch that resembles a crumpled envelope.

All products have undergone additional processing: tinted, aged, dented, molded.